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User reviews of the Quotex platform
Trader feedback

Fantastic platform, everything operates seamlessly. The support team is excellent; they consistently assist in resolving disputes. Additionally, the trading platform functions at an impressive speed, offers real-time quotes, and allows setting expiration times ranging from 1 minute to 4 hours.

What a fantastic trading experience! This app is excellent for trading, consistently processing withdrawals ahead of schedule. It's more straightforward and less manipulative compared to other platforms. I've been using this app from the start and it's really great. Customer support is top-notch, providing quick solutions and answering all questions promptly. I highly recommend using this app for trading. It excels in every aspect and no other app can match it. The indicators are user-friendly and easy for anyone to use. Truly a mind-blowing app for trading.

Quotex is an excellent trading platform. The charts respond quickly to market fluctuations and are highly customizable. The platform offers a wide array of popular indicators, each adaptable to a trader's preferences. Additionally, both deposits and withdrawals are processed rapidly.

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Frequently asked questions

Sign up and practice on a demo account. It mimics real trading exactly, but it's completely free.

On average, the withdrawal process takes between one to five days from the date the client's request is received, depending largely on the volume of requests being processed simultaneously. The company strives to execute payments on the same day the request is made by the client.

A trading platform is a software suite that enables clients to execute trades using various financial instruments. It provides access to essential information, including the value of quotes, real-time market positions, and company actions, among others.

Real Currency Trading Essentials: Quotex supports both fiat and cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals. To date, there are no verified instances of counterfeit or non-existent funds being used on Quotex. Nonetheless, it is vital to stay alert for signs of fraudulent currency, especially when trading on platforms that lack regulatory oversight.

Yes, you can transfer funds from Quotex to any legitimate bank account that accommodates your selected withdrawal method. However, it is important to check for any potential limitations or restrictions that might apply based on your country or region.

Our platform is powered by the latest technology and is accessible via the browser on any computer or mobile phone.

A key benefit of the Company's trading platform is the low barrier to entry; you don't need to make large deposits to begin trading. You can start with a small investment, with the minimum deposit set at just 10 US dollars.

No, the company does not impose any fees for deposit or withdrawal transactions.
However, it's important to note that payment systems may apply their own fees and use their internal currency conversion rates.

The Quotex Trading App is legal in India and offers traders a dependable and secure platform for accessing global financial markets. While online trading carries inherent risks, employing risk management tools and educating yourself about best practices can help reduce those risks and enhance your chances of success.

QUOTEX Broker is authorized to operate in India, allowing Indian traders to fully utilize all the features it offers. This includes the ability to trade across a diverse array of financial markets and assets.