If you’re an existing customer and have an active account on the platform, please contact support in the “Support” section of your profile.

If you have difficulty logging in or recovering access to your account, please use the form below.


We do not restore closed accounts!

This is a measure to prevent fraudulent activity aimed at accessing user accounts, and obtaining personal information of other traders.

*You may register a new one using a different email address.

If the account was closed by mistake:

In case you are sure, that the account has been deleted by mistake, there are funds on the balance, and there are no other accounts registered by you on the Platform, to restore the account you would need to use the contact form below and provide the following information:

  1. The exact email address, the account had been registered to, or its ID.
  2. A high-resolution photo of yourself (“Selfie”) on which:
      • You are holding your document for personality identification
      • Along with a sheet of paper with the name “QUOTEX” written on it by hand, current date and your signature

    *Your face, body and both arms must be visible. The details of the document should be clear and readable.

  3. A screenshot to confirm your deposit in this account (bank statement, or payment system receipt will do).
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